Catching Up

I’m afraid I’ve been terrible at updating this blog, but when I’m not working at my job–keeping the winter-over community of McMurdo Station fed–I’m busy learning how to market my historical novel Plaguewalker, jumping into the coldest water on earth and ogling tins of preserved rhubarb meant for one Robert Falcon Scott.

It’s all been very exciting but doesn’t exactly allow for much blog time.

I hope to update my links page soon, and also to tinker with this site’s design. But my biggest project the next few months, in addition to spreading the word about Plaguewalker (hey, all five star reviews on Amazon, and no, they’re not all family and friends!), will be doing the final edit on the first of my fantasy novels, The War’s End.

So stay tuned. In the words of David Bowie, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

And thanks, as always, for reading.

Self-portrait, 22 June 2012, 2pm local time, McMurdo Station (lights in background)



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