Catching Up

I'm afraid I've been terrible at updating this blog, but when I'm not working at my job--keeping the winter-over community of McMurdo Station fed--I'm busy learning how to market my historical novel Plaguewalker, jumping into the coldest water on earth and ogling tins of preserved rhubarb meant for one Robert Falcon Scott. It's all been …

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To the Memory of Sister Petrina: Now I Understand

[This is a cross-posting from, the site dedicated to my recently published novel.] Aside from a brief flirtation with the public education system in kindergarten, all of my pre-college years were spent in Catholic schools. My three years of high school were memorable most for being branded a troublemaker at the same time that …

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Get inside my head with my latest post over at my book’s site, Bring a flashlight.

Plaguewalker, a novel

So, Plaguewalker has been available in three formats–paperback, Nook and Kindle–for several days now. The comments I’ve been getting (yes, from friends and family, but also total strangers) are that the book is “addictive,” “dark,” “mesmerizing,” “dark,” “amazing,” “dark,” “extremely well-written” and, you guessed it, “dark.”

First, for those who have read it or are reading it now, thanks. I worked hard on it and am happy with the way it turned out, darkness and all.

Actually, especially the darkness.

Looking at pop culture obsessions at the moment, I don’t think Plaguewalker is particularly dark. Seriously, between the sadistic, titillating violence of The Millennium Trilogy (aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books and movies), all the incest and beheadings in Game of Thrones, zombies and vampires running amok, and kids killing each other for sport in The Hunger Games, my little book about death isn’t exactly ground-breakingly…

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