The Next Big Thing, Week 17

Usually, when someone invites me to get "tagged" and forwards something akin to a chain letter, I get disturbing images of being covered in graffiti and told something Very Bad Indeed will happen unless I send money. So it was a nice surprise when fellow author Paul McComas invited me to take part in a …

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Catching Up

I'm afraid I've been terrible at updating this blog, but when I'm not working at my job--keeping the winter-over community of McMurdo Station fed--I'm busy learning how to market my historical novel Plaguewalker, jumping into the coldest water on earth and ogling tins of preserved rhubarb meant for one Robert Falcon Scott. It's all been …

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To the Memory of Sister Petrina: Now I Understand

[This is a cross-posting from, the site dedicated to my recently published novel.] Aside from a brief flirtation with the public education system in kindergarten, all of my pre-college years were spent in Catholic schools. My three years of high school were memorable most for being branded a troublemaker at the same time that …

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