Love for the Plague

Yes, I’ve been offline for some time — blame a hectic job, a move, getting my stuff out of storage, volunteering at animal control, getting back to the gym on a regular basis, adopting a cat and not having the interwebz at home. But I’m dashing off this post because I’ve just heard that Plaguewalker, my gritty little novel about fun things like death, executioners, death, plague and, oh, some death, has been named a finalist for this year’s Midwest Book Awards. Huzzah! The winners won’t be announced until May, but it’s exciting to know that the judges felt the book worthy of making the cut. Thanks to everyone who has supported Plaguewalker. And stay tuned for more news about The War’s End, coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Love for the Plague

      1. Catana

        I’ve had a pretty long dry spell, but I think I’m past it now. Working on a novella and hope to get it out sometime in May.

        I’m looking forward to The War’s End.

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