And So It Begins…Plaguewalker is now on Kindle!

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement…my dark historical novel Plaguewalker is now available on Amazon in Kindle format! Yeah! (For less than a Starbucks latte, I might add.) Plaguewalker is the first of three novels I plan on publishing this year through Grunaskhan Books. Read more about Plaguewalker, including early reviews and the first chapter for free, at the novel’s official site.

Don’t have a Kindle? No worries. The novel will be available in paperback from Amazon later this month. Stay tuned.

And thanks, as always, for reading!


6 thoughts on “And So It Begins…Plaguewalker is now on Kindle!

  1. Catana

    Just wanted to let you know I saw your blog post in the WP Reader and was interested enough to download the sample and then buy the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and just wished that it was longer. I’ll be reviewing it favorably fairly soon. I do want to note that there was a serious error in the historical notes. Editor’s error, out of ignorance? Spell checker inserting a substitute? Anyway, instead of pneumonic plague, the form you wrote about is named pneumatic plague in the notes.

    1. storiesthataretrue

      Wow… good catch! Thank you for letting me know…it was a spelling error never caught (or changed by that sneaky spell checker). I am mortified. I am also, however, thrilled that you enjoyed Plaguewalker. Thank you so much…I’ll look forward to the review!

      1. Catana

        I’m usually riding off in all directions at once, but will try to remember to let you know when I’ve done a review. I usually post reviews on Goodreads as well as Amazon. I’d add it to my GR library right now, but since it’s not in the database, I’ll have to wait until you either do that, as a Goodreads author, or I have time to add it myself.

  2. storiesthataretrue

    You know, one thing that I see over and over and absolutely love is how willing more experienced authors are to help out those of us just getting our acts together. Thank you. I’ve got my application in to Goodreads for their Author Program, and also to add Plaguewalker to their database. Thanks again for the feedback and the help!

    1. Catana

      Oops! Told you I’m scattered. Sorry for not letting you know about the reviews. Nothing to blush about, though. It’s a beautiful book. It may have a struggle making its way because it’s difficult to find an audience for work that’s dark, but more literary than genre. And it’s subtle in a world of books that slam you upside the head to make their points.

      Now I’m going to be waiting for your next book.

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